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Bug report - Can not exit game or purchase car (may be related to error 41 fix signing test)

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System Spec:
Windows 10 pro preview  (most recent build)
AMD 8350
Asus sabertooth 990fx R2.0
nvidia 750 (driver vers. 349.90)
8 GB  ram G.skill ripjaw F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL
installed to c:/steam with more than 250gb of free space

Steps to reproduce
First off, the game worked from day one, except I didn't have a copilot, so I waited for a patch.
After I installed the patch and finally tried to play the game I got the error 41 bug. 
I then tried the beta patch "signing test" which fixed the problem, but may have caused two more...?

I can exit from events, or go back to the main menu by pressing ESC, but at the main menu, pressing ESC does not trigger the quite game option. If I bring up the quick menu, the quit game option also does not work.  
When entering career mode for the first time and brought to the car selection, pressing ENTER to buy either of the 60's cars, Mini or Lancia there is just an audible ticking sound, but nothing else happens. If I try and purchase a car I cannot afford, the money available flashes red.  I have not previously tried to purchase a car prior to the error 41 patch.

I have tried exiting the game with only the keyboard, with a logitech dfp plugged in, and with a xbox one controller plugged in, no changes.

Others on the steam error41 thread have a similar problem as me.

Custom event works for me, I am able to select cars to drive and play those just fine.

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