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Auto steering angle?


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I'm loving GRID, and I'm enjoying it even more with a wheel.

I'm using a T500RS, and there's a problem. When I play F1 I just set the rotation in the TM panel to 360, and every car has the same steering angle. But here cars have different angles. The Jedi and the R26 have 360, the Nissan 300zx has 450 iirc. So I always find my self with a wrong steering angle. Wouldn't have been better to add the chance to change the rotation in game?

There's a suggested rotation that works with pretty much every car?

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  • Codemasters Staff

You can change it in game.

If you set your wheel in the TM panel to full rotation (1080 degrees for the T500RS I think) and then calibrate in game you can use steering saturation to reduce the steering angle to the same for all cars.

For example, set your saturation to 50% and you will have 540 degrees lock in all cars.

Or, calibrate your wheel to the max rotation and then turn soft lock to ON. This will lock your angle of rotation depending on car. So F1 will be 360, many races cars will be 540 etc.

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