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BUG REPORT - no sound on PC after exit game

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System Spec
i7 3770k @4.5
msi g45 mobo
galax gtx970
8gig RAM avexir @1866mhz 

Steps to reproduce
just exit game normally, or alt tab out

Your recent history of races 
happens everytime regardless of race

Which graphics preset were you using?
Ultra, with lighting on low

basically, everytime i exit the game, i have no sound on my PC, i have to completely restart the PC to get the audio back, if the game crashes, then sound is ok, if i exit the game normally or alt tab out, i have no audio output, even though everything looks fine in the control panel sound options. disabling and re enabling the primary sound device does not fix the error. this has been since the patch on day 2 for codriver audio i think, because everything was fine on day 1.



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it appears to be a conflict with 'MSI afterburner' 

if i run msi(using for recording replay) i get no sound when exit game, everything is fine if i dont run msi


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