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A few suggestions

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1: Please fix the DRS zone in 1 lap qualifying at Mexico, its not working.

2: Please fix the DRS zone at Russia as it opens at the activation zone not the DRS zone.

3: Please could you identify the bots you have masquerading as fellow racers. I don't mind racing against bots but its false pretences to have them dummied up as real racers. I can pretty identify them these days but to be fair and legitimate they should be identified for what they are. I suggest  you call them whatever you like but perhaps they should have a tag like BOT 22.

4: Re Duel qualifying, I don't mind racing against a bot but please eliminate the stutter start. Once you get to 9999 is actually pretty boring to get into a qualifying duel with a bot and then have your car slow down at the start and not give you an opportunity to better your PB. 

Additionally, please don't give us a bot in qualifying who never makes mistakes and then flies away from you at the start to be .5 sec to 1.00 sec in front before you reach the first corner and can beat your PB by a full 2 secs. You need to factor in that a PB might take 20-50 races to achieve and we are not consistently going to achieve that time.

I've spent over $600 to upgrade my car (receipts can be supplied) and I obviously did that so I have a speed advantage. If you want take away that advantage from me then please let me how I can get a full refund. 

I have played RR2 and RR3 both from their inception and spent a minimal amount on RR3. however when a team member from RR3 got me into Mobile F1, I bought the players pass and beginners pack as I was happy to support a game that gives me many hours on enjoyment. The additional money I spent was purely because I wanted a very fast car, but if you want to take that advantage away from me then, really what is the point of supporting you.

5: Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this game as I imagine all the people who have taken the time to register and join this forum, but like them I am just looking for a fairer and level playing field.

I've read some comments in this forum that Codemasters are not reading or responding to the forum, so maybe what Ive outlined will fall on deaf ears but I'm an optimist and I hope that isn't the case. Please take my comments in the manner they are intended.

Cheers and happy and fair racing.


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Sadly, as you have predicted, all your suggestions will go unheard. Any expectations of fair racing remain unlikely as is the idea that having a more powerful car will make you more competitive. Your $600 will make you faster, but the bots will always be faster than you. I wouldn't advise spending any more money. If you are enjoying the game, then you are getting more out of it than many of us who have largely stopped playing because of its failure to eliminate some elements of its absurd game play and ill defined rules relating to collision penalties.

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