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recomendations - fixes


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first of all congratulations for this excelent sim rally game. 
this is the only time i prefer a game than richars burns rally. amazing work.

about AI.
i think it is way too good. especially it is imposible to win the first driver. i was playing a stage for a long time to learn it. i was extremely fast , i was ahead with only 0.8sec from first in the second part, and in the next part i was behind 6sec!!!there is no way to win.

i saw 2 stages(difference names) on greece that actually are the same only it races with difference direction.
it is better to be removed and we can choose tue direction we want in all stages..

also i would like the camera that is behind the car lets the car steering more before it stand again from his back. (i hope you can understand what i mean)

also i think there must be a tutorial on many things on driving like richars burns rally. 
like how to steering with the breakes, how to use handbreak and so on.

edit:one more thing.

after rear moving onf the car it changes to direct in 0sec. it is unrealistic.
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