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Grid 2019 - Logitech G29 wheel shaking constantly

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I started playing Grid 2019 today on my PS4 and it started out fine. About 15 minutes in my Logitech G29 wheel just started shaking uncontrollably even when in the menus. 

Shortly before it started I had calibrated my wheel/pedals and then I adjusted the Steering linearity down to -10 and that's when it started, I then changed it back down to default, applied it and it continued after doing so. I then Reset all of the controls back to default but it just continued doing it. 

Unfortunately, the game is unplayable with a wheel currently. 

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I wonder if this could be a hardware issue? Could you try dropping the FFB down to 0 and see if these forces still happen? And does the wheel steer normally when there is no FFB?

If the wheel continues shaking in game even though you have no FFB, something may be broken in the game, or in the wheel. If it continues, you could test the wheel on other games. If it works on other games, could you check the calibration screens and check if the game reports it shaking in the settings?

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Hey, thank you for reporting this. As we have multiple reports of the same topic I can log this and see if it can be investigated further. 

As always, the more detail and examples we have, the better chance there is of identifying the issue. Please check out the guide below and see if there are any more relevant details you can tell us.

Thanks again 🙂

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