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A Hope for GRID series


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Please Codemasters, read me, as old fan of GRID (original) game,

New GRID (2019) isnt good and its not what you advertised it will be.Its rushed cash grab product full of glitches, bugs, and looks like its kinda boring.With every new game u made in GRID series, u make new mistakes and refuse to listen to fans.Please start to or this whole franchise will die.

There might be hope for GRID games, just listen to your fans, ill write this again, as many others did before this game came out:

  • Use original GRID game as a base,
  • Update graphics to newer engine,
  • Update textures to HD maybe,
  • DO NOT REMOVE ANY CONTENT (chat,spectate mode, multiplayer, lan, game modes...),
  • NO DLC-s or payed content, maybe some free ones,
  • Open multiplayer servers,
  • Advertise it as real remastered game.

I am sure you will get TONS of players and new (old) buyers and that will save the name of this great franchise...I am sure it wont take long to make a remaster of an existing game.

You did the similar thing after GRID2 when you made AUTOSPORT just 1 year after.

Do not consider this as hate thread and do not consider me as hater, because i am not.I own a tons of your games and i still buy a lot of them like F1.

All good .


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Lol, a modern game not having DLC and microtransactions 😂😂😂 In fact, we should be thankful that there are no "XP boosts" DLC packages (so far).

This one and Dirt Rally 2.0 already shows you what the Codemasters way is going to be going forward: small scale initial release, "season" packs with small dripping of content for $$$$$$$$$$. Grid 2019 has an abysmal amount of content and features for a 85$ game. In a year or two, when all content has been released, and maybe all the bugs have been sorted out, perhaps it will be worth that price. But what was the point releasing it in this state?

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