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AMG Racing League


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Hello all! 


My name is NorT (Ignore my account name my name changed years back) and i have a pretty exciting offer for those who are competitive or after a bit of fun.


I am from a community called AMG (Alliance Multi Gaming) we are established on Battlefield 1,Battlefield V,CS:GO,PUBG the works. I am in charge of its racing championships.


We used to be known as Nebula Racing League and ran 15 Seasons of WTCC on GRID Autosport along with 5 Seasons of Formula C,Mini Miglias,Super Utes the lot.


Well TCR-2 - Season 16 is full. and it filled so quickly we decided to make a bunch of championships to accomidate everybody.


So here is what we have to offer. Please bare in mind that these championships were made yesterday.

TCR - 2 Division 2 - Season 16

Formula Jedi - Season 1 

Classic Minis - Season 2

GT1 - Season 1

Renault R26 - Season 1

Classic Touring - Season 1

Prototype - Season 1

What platform? PC - Steam

Days and Times of Events? Since most of these championships are in the planning stages Only 2 have a guranteed start day and time.


TCR-2 Season 16 runs on Mondays 7pm English Time

Formula Jedi Season 1 Runs on Sundays 7pm English time.


Website - www.alliancemultigaming.com

Any interest message below.




Senior Admin of AMG and Head of AMG Racing Leagues.

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Hi Nort, sir. I will definetely join the league when I own the game.

Nebula racing on GAS was by fair the best fun I had in that game.

i actually shudnt advertise NBL, coz it's going to be hard to find free spot there later 🙂

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mangove we already have a full TCR-2 league and GT1 is currently sat at 8/16 players...


That being said i do understand. The Desync is crazy


and Flowa i dont remember your name...o.o i ran the entire G:AS NRL side. 

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  • Social Media & Community Team

@Eryx16 👋🏻

Some things that would be handy:

  • What platforms you run events on.
  • What times you run those events.
  • Any URLs to club forums/websites where rules and format etc. are posted.
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  • Social Media & Community Team
14 minutes ago, Eryx16 said:

Updated 🙂 thanks

Good stuff 🙂 

I've been running my own (Xbox) club for nearly 2 years now and making info easy to find usually helps.

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