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Graphics Settings Issue

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First off, thank you for giving me a reason to dust off my G27.

I'm running a low-mid range system:
4gb RAM
32bit Win 7

I've got the game running a constant 60fps with a mix of low to ultra settings to my liking.  (Ground clutter is a FPS hog!)

I'm running into an issue where the vehicle reflection and mirror settings, which I have at the lowest value, reset to a higher setting at the start of a new race.
Though the menu value remains at lowest setting ie. Mirrors off, the mirrors will be on and I have to toggle the value up, then back down to get them back off, the same holds true for vehicle reflections.

These are minor issues, but with these values automatically resetting to a higher value I fall below the coveted 60fps in game and having to pause before the start of each race to toggle these up then back down to achieve propper settings is an inconvenience.

Thanks again and looking forward to what's to come.

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