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racenet unavailable dirt rally 1

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for conceptor of dirt rally 1 


since the installation of dirt rally 1 I keep having an error message 8 times out of 10 
racenet is unavailable retest later .. it starts to do well anyway. 
it does not come from my equipment because dirt rally 2 no problem,
 I know you have dropped this game and all these users but still you could make an effort 
and show a little respect for those who still plays at 1 and make a fix or a patch 
to solve this problem, I know I do not represent anything in your eyes 
yet we are so nobrous to meet this problem that 
I do not understand why you do not move a little to show respect to all those who have 
to buy dirt 1 ...

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I'm getting that it is unavailable in DR2 also so maybe it is down again.  Last time it went down on a weekend they didn't try to fix it until Monday so lets hope it is just a little glitch and comes back up.

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