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Error - dinput8.dll - MS Sidewinder Mouse

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Every time I tried to start GRID 2019 almost never could finish the first race or even getting into the lap qualification because the game would crash with an error from dinput8.dll + 0x5f7b

This error might be related to Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse, at least the original one that I own. Just having it plugged in the PC while playing might cause the error at random.

Tried removing the mouse while playing and could complete the first race without problems but the mouse cursor stayed in mid screen all the time even without a mouse connected.

I'd like to thanks the user Cafre since he had the same problem on Dirt Rally 2 and offered such "solution" on the below post:




Now this isn't a solution and it seems related to something on several games by Codemaster since I found similar problems with other of their most recent games.


Hope that there's a final solution patch/update to this issue.

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After Oct 29th update to 1.1, this issue seems to be fixed, played 3 full races without a single game crash.

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