Hi @Hygradeb, Thanks for all of your questions. I can answer these for you now. For any bugs / issues that you spot, please try and post one of these per thread using the guidelines stated here as this allows us to track your feedback (and the issue raised) more effectively. Time Trial mode uses optimal game settings - so uses soft tyres with maximum track grip, best weather and optimal car settings. As such, you will have more grip and more force going through the car, which will translate as greater force feedback for wheel users. The online vs offline track differences have been reported by a few users in this thread, but we have not yet found a way to reproduce this internally. Any help you can offer to allow us to track this down would be much appreciated. If you have more specific details about differences between the AI in online and offline modes then please let us know and we will investigate this. We currently only store one set of custom camera settings. We are currently investigating options to allow players to store more than one setting. Not sure about the low fuel warning in cockpit camera. Can you confirm what vehicle you are using and what game mode you are playing and we will take a look? Network issues can sometimes affect the loading of car setups. If this is failing consistently then please let us know how often this happens, which setup you are trying to load and how many retries are required before it works then we can get this tested in the studio. Driving out of the pits isn't something we are planning on adding at the moment. If there is enough demand for it then we can forward the request to the design team to review. Marbling has been in the game for a while and should be working still. The effect on the car grip is relatively minor, but you should notice this. Let us know if you are not seeing marbling on any particular combination of track and game mode and we'll take a look. Flat spots are not currently supported by the game. Wheel settings should take effect immediately, so you shouldn't need to restart the game. However, some users have reported issues on certain combinations of device and game mode, so if you do spot any problems then please let us know you platform, wheel setup, game mode and any specific details about how or what has been changed and we will investigate further. Thanks.  
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