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[Bug Report] Wrong wheel linearity or sensitivty at new stage start


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When starting a race on a newly loaded stage, the wheel sensitivity is very high on the first race start. When the counting ends and race starts, I need to just press pause and return to game and the sensitivity of the wheel is back to normal. But if I don't do that, the high sensitivity will stay until the race is finished.

That happens only when new stage or track is loaded and starting the race from first try. When the same track is restarted afterwards, the wheel sensitivity will stay normal. When switching to new stage, it will be very high again until pause is hit and returned to driving.

It looks like either linearity or sensitivity is reverted to default on first load of the stage.

This happens on all stages with all cars, also regardless of camera choice.

I am using Fanatec CSW V1 wheel

SENS: 540 // FF: 100 // SHO: 0 // ABS: Off // LIN: Off // DEA: Off // DRI: Off // FOR: 100 // SPR: Off // DPR: Off

System Spec
i7 4970K, 16GB RAM, 2x GTX970 (SLI)

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