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Racenet Club : DIRT DANGEROUS ( Hardcore Damages - Assists disabled - Steering wheel only )


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Hello, DIRT DANGEROUS  is a Dirt Rally 2.0 racenet Club.

- HardCore damages, Helps diseabled, Steering Wheels only ( using controlers are under penality to exclude )

- One Rally by Week , from Monday 00h00 to Sunday 23h00.

- low frequency of services so, caution not to break the car before the end 😉

- results & "Career in club" ranking boards published on facebook group to the same name ( Dirt Dangerous ), French & English langage

- Open for multi-plateform and all drivers's nationality

here below the result of the last Week + the map for the next 

Thanks to have read me, sorry if my English has some mistakes





Annotation 2019-10-13 113227.jpg

Annotation 2019-10-12 141320.jpg

Annotation 2019-10-14 114150.jpg

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