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[GRID 2019] Data Displays in Cockpit View sometimes work / sometimes not


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I noticed that the Data Displays in the cars cockpits sometimes work and sometimes don´t.

This can easily be reproduced by loading a event a couple times over and over and you see that the data display sometimes works and sometimes not...


Or sometimes they can´t even decide between work or not to work LOL




GRID (2019) (DirectX 12) 10.10.2019 05_57_13.png

GRID (2019) (DirectX 12) 10.10.Nacht.png

GRID (2019) (DirectX 12) 10.10.2019 03_36_33.png

GRID (2019) (DirectX 12) 10.10.2019 03_28_46.png

GRID (2019) (DirectX 12) 10.10.2019 03_20_55.png

GRID (2019) (DirectX 12) 10.10.2019 03_13_51.png

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Hey all - we've run some tests to reproduce this but can't seem to find it. With more information we may be able to dig deeper, so feel free to keep posting your examples of this occurring and any more details, but for now a bit of a roadblock has been hit 😞 Thanks as always for your feedback 

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@ChrisGrovesMCM Hm weird that this could not be reproduced...


Fresh unedited footage with alot loads into a free play event with different GT cars and it worked only 2-3 times and and on all other ones it is not working... 

(Its 80% loading times but i thought it would be better to leave it unedited to show the process/tries complete)


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