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Some Bugs/Glitches and other things I've encountered

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Hello guys,


I was playing for some time now and I really like the game so far.

While playing I have noticed some glitches/bugs and maybe missing or wrong animations.


Here's the list:

1. Missing onboard screen in cockpitview.

- Sometimes the onboardscreen just disappears and you can't see in what gear you're in anymore (look attached files, happens to almost every car)


2. The volume for crashes and touches is too quiet.

- This needs to get mixed a bit louder (you see sparkles but can't hear anything)


3. There is no up & downshift animation for cars with paddle shifters

- Just like I said above


4. Wrong animation while shifting in cars with dual clutch 

- While shifting in cars with a dual clutch system, the driver uses the clutch pedal


5. Weird sound in rain condition

- There are some weird squeaky noises while driving in rain


6. Cars have damage from the start

- Most of the time vehicles are damaged and scratched from the beginning


Platform - Steam

Game Version - Doesn't show but it's up to date


Working onboard.jpg

Missing onboard.jpg

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