F1 2019 just keeps crashing. I've tried disabling shader caching and the beta asyncdisabledtest and disabling steam overlay. I've tried different graphics options, basically everything I can think of. The game nearly always crashes while just sitting in the pit menu during a session, having returned to the garage. Nothing in particular seems to trigger it. If I leave it there for any period of time, it will crash. Sometimes it produces a dump file, which I always send. Other times it just crashes to desktop with no error message at all. What I've played of this game is great but it's basically unusable right now. Please help! Thanks {
  "EXE": "F1_2019_dx12.exe",
  "Version": 564600,
  "GameVersion": 564600,
  "ReportCode": "XPMK-AABX-XDBG-DAHE",
  "Exception": "C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 000000005417D2FE",
  "System": {
    "ProcessMask": "FFFF",
    "SystemMask": "FFFF",
    "Memory": {
      "Resident": {
        "Current": 3556442112,
        "Peak": 3624574976
      "PagedAllocation": {
        "Current": 8563023872,
        "Peak": 8726331392
  "Session": {
    "GameMode": "career_19",
    "Ruleset": "PracticeAndQualifying",
    "ID": "practice_2",
    "Track": "melbourne",
    "AssetGroup": "(null)",
    "Driver": 40,
    "Errors": 0
  "FlowState": {
    "Previous": "IntroPlayersMonitor",
    "Current": "InGame"
  "FlowTransition": {
    "Previous": 1,
    "Current": 2
  "Graphics": {
    "Vendor": "0x10de",
    "Device": "0x1e07",
    "Driver": "NVIDIA 43648, r436_45",
    "Name": "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti",
    "DirectX": "dx12",
    "AvailableVRAM": 0,
    "TotalVRAM": 11313152,
    "LastD3DError": "0x887a0006",
    "LastErrorMessage": "Present, Aftermath(status=0x1): Cubemap+ZDeferred[78890]"
  "SystemInfo": {
    "ProcessorName": "Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900KF CPU @ 3.60GHz",
    "ProcessorArchitecture": "x64 (AMD or Intel)",
    "NumberOfProcessors": "16",
    "TotalMemory:": "16299MB"
  "OperatingSystem": {
    "MajorVersion": "10",
    "MinorVersion": "0",
    "Version": "Windows 10",
    "ServicePack": ""
  "DisplayInfo": {
    "Display_0": {
      "Name": "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti",