This thread is not related to any comparison with grid2019. I just want to write some ideas. the goal is entertainmet, gameplay, racing, competition. Call me old fashioned guy, i think this kind of fun can exist only into a full features and well designed multiplayer game like the one we had into grid2008. So my idea is: A completely new game called GRID online, a free to play with some bonuses at payment.   So, lets talk about details:   GRID Online, Fully features online only game, no single player. Now, full feature mean that online must be designed by someone who know what i mean. So: - no bullsht, no AI cars, no flashbacks, no random quick match. - Just a fully customizable lobby system.  - A main room with everything listed, the eye need to know instantly how many people are playing. Then good marks simbols to know what lobby choose. - no regional matching for lobby, just you can find everyone default online, no trick to set UK into steam game settings or things like that - THE STATS player system, is important, you need to track the stats, how many races, how many vicories, how many cars totaled, etc, etc. - KICK VOTE system. - the built in text chat - the spectator mode from lobby and on racing. - a free to play base packet of circuits, tracks and cars. Additional content at payment.  - Full damage system (we don't need ferrari, let lost them). - Two different modes, tuned cars and stock cars. So two different branch of leaderboards. Not a separate lobby list, just an option inside the lobby. - Moderated Leaderboards, no fake time lap like 00:00:01 etc - Leaderboards showed into a new page on racenet from browser. - Stock cars can allow a minimal setup, tuned cars a full setup customization. (all parameters, gear ratio, suspensions, tyre pressure, camber, etc) - You can build your garage, keep your tuned cars, and use them into tuned competitions. - A meter for tuned cars, so example 4 parameters and a point 1 to 10 for each paramenter (so you can see other players car is more tuned than yours). - The possibility to save different setups to use into specific track, (you can load car setup directly inside lobby). - so on.. i'll add more   Now this is not a dream list or something impossible to develop (most of the things i listed are already into grid1), i just want to share this ideas with community, and improve with other people ideas.  Let make this happen !      
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