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This is Codemasters best game + I hope F1 follows the same path.


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I hated the Dirt Series, it was so arcadey, the menus were slow, the online sucked and the Rally part just too short or wasn't there at all. 

Finally we have something much more like a Sim, the damage model is fantastic and the online leagues are a massive step in the right direction. I still wish there was social elements baked in just so you have a feel that the online is alive and well. The problem with having nothing is it gives you the feeling of being lonely and that the online is dead. However it is Early Access and I hope the interface for the whole league thing changes, even just displaying a number of how many people are online and doing events would be enough to make it feel more populated. 

However I think Codemasters have finally nailed it, I just love how fast the menus are and how you load in seconds. This is why I play Counter Strike over all other FPS games, I can get into a game in seconds and just be playing, in games like COD or BF I'm always waiting in lobbies or struggling to find good servers. It is so important to have this, so I hope you don't go back to the slow animation menus of Dirt 3 or the 3D ones of Dirt 2...

I hope this is where F1 goes, I want proper damage at last, I want it to feel much more Sim like, so I actually want to play with a wheel. I hate in F1 now how you cannot do all the pit lane stuff yourself, how there is no parade lap or driving to the grid, how you can crash into each other and your cars will most likely not suffer from any damage. I also hate the mess of an online, if there is one game to look at in how to do online, it is iRacing, that is where F1 needs to go, do bi hourly organised races, do seasons etc, it needs to be structure with a penalty system. The whole league system in this game gives me hope!
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