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Some important MP Bugs

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The server doesnt register correctly the positions at the end of the race sometimes.

The server doesnt give the correct points at the end of every race sometimes (pretty much every serie of 3 races has a problem, I won 2 races and a 2nd place and got finally 35 points...***?)

The server starts with random grid, in the first round, but after that, doesnt start with inverse race result grid, it makes another random grid, and sometimes same people can get 3 rounds starting from the top, which doesnt makes sense at all.

Pretty much every round, somebody get desync of start lights and start before the rest of the grid the countdown.

Podium is bugged, normally show the guy´s car that finished 2nd in the champ at the first position (The cards of the players seems to be on the right position)


Platform PC

Ultimate Version

Multiplayer Mode

Doesnt matter the number of players or AI, tested in multiple situations, always same.

Pad, wheel, doesnt matter, again...


IN my guess, with my experience in the game, Is a problem with the netcode of the game, when a guy with bad connection take the host, doesnt have the hability to register correctly times of tall the people and make mistakes at finish lane putting players on the correct position because of lost of information because of the low badwith not able to hold everything. 

Dedicated servers or open lobbies instead of privated maybe will resolve the problem is people with good conections are the ones creating the room, but at the moment there is no option to get public lobbies so...

I have the same thinking about race lights before the start, normally the host with bad bandwith start the race at different time than the rest because of bad sync.

Inverse race grid is a feature that you guys should activate on game, because if not, there is no logic on putting race champs of 3-5 races if doesnt follow a logic the start of the next races.

The bug about podium could be a problem in the game or a sync problem, havent been able to guess it yet.

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