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Logitech G920 wheel in Grid 2019

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With Logitech G920 force feedback i'am not happy with the settings. In Grid autosports we had three NO 4 setting we could adjust

TO GET THE STEERING PERFECT.Some CARS YOU CAN FEEL THE ROAD and other cars drive like your on ice you've to fix this problem.Turn the sun down it's too bright you can 't see the track.In Grid autosports in the wheel adjustments 0-100 and then we had three setting in the wheel vibration i will post this once a week until you guys confirm that you are on the case 'm going to look forward for that update patches. 

i made this topic so we can get our wheel setting correct and to push for a update you got hundreds of thousands  Logitech G920 owners needing this fix so hook one up and test thank you

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FFB across all wheel hardware on all platforms seems to be an issue. No feel, lack of vibration, no wheel slip - ‘driving on ice’ etc.

Chris G. has reported it to the handling team, as least as far Thrustmaster products on XBOX - hopefully the bigger picture is addressed and all wheel hardware gets a patch.

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