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Grid 2019 only 30 fps on vanilla PS4

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The first thing I noticed when started playing GRID 2019 (ver.1.0.3) on my standard PS4 was the lack of frame rate. I do love the GRID series and Dirt Rally too, but 30fps isn't nearly good enough.

Please make make an 60fps option. I know it might make a negative impact on graphics quality, but it will be worth it!


Best regards   

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I bought grid 2 days ago and was told it runs 60fps on all ps4 models,

then I watch a press YouTuber on YouTube today  who was invited to codemasters for the press release of the new grid,

he said he was under

 the impression that it ran 60 fps on both ps4 , he then spoke to one of codemasters devs who told him that was originally scheduled to run 60fps but got changed,

so basically the standard ps4 will only run 30fps which makes the new grid look dark and dull even some tracks are so dark and dull it's a job to see were you are going,,

ive been playing grid auto on the ps4 through psn Now and that is the PS3 version and it's looks far better,

so I then checked on Sony psn store and it says the new grid runs 60fps ,

pit clearly does not ,man I thought I was disappointed with the poor patches to f12019 which made more bugs 

but my disappointment with the new Grid game is terrible game regrets,

how does codemasters get away with this, it's stated in the press release that it runs on every version 60fps ,

so whu only 30fps on standard ps4, why don't you tell customers this before they waste £45 ,

what another waste of money,the games graphics do really look terrible,

dont buy ,

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