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Option to entirely disable Clutch assist

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Hello CM, the request is to enable an option/feature so that when using at minimum "Manual" Sequential gearbox there is a way to disable any computer assisted clutch usage to prevent stalling.  So that the clutch is automated only as in real life if required (for gear shifts) but not during launch (or at least not during non HB launch mode), not during slowing or hairpins/lockups.   This should cause the engine to stall if you do things incorrectly or don't clutch in some cases.

The option could be "Manual Sequential with Clutch" as one solution.  Or another option under assists called "Clutch Stall and Launch Assist" could be added with default ON.


This request has been made a few times over the months from different users in the DR Discord (random link https://discordapp.com/channels/539778417911005186/547916290833252376/629664815534702622 )

I'd like to enter it here so it has a better chance of actually materializing.  It seems to have overwhelming support from people who have anything to say about it from my observation.

Some reasons/justifications to add this:

  1. Realism - Major part of real life rallying, an important skill that catches even the best off guard at times
  2. People who play DR2 and later wish to try the real thing on a training course or as amateur rally will likely find themselves stalling the car a lot
  3. Not super difficult to add considering it mostly exists for H pattern mode AFAIK


A side suggestion is to remove "Clutch Override" option and have it on all the time (as the clutch override being off doesn't make any sense?).  Or at least don't call it an assist.  But it's just icing.

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I support this idea, and personally think adding a 'Manual Sequential With Clutch' option is the best way to go.

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By the way, I think this feature already exists in the engine for fully manual cars (could be wrong, but according from what I heard from people who drive H patterns in the game)

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