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GRID 2019 Won't Start (Win7 64)

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I have downloaded and installed the 67GB Grid 2019 Ultimate Edition, and it will not start.

Watching task manager, nothing GRID ever appears.

I've verified the game files in Steam successfully - no problem found.

Tried to run in -safemode as recommended by the README - nada.

README next suggests simply deleting hardware_settings_config.xml, and it does not exist within the SteamLibrary\Common\GRID folders \ files, and I am unable to find it in My Documents or My Games.

I note that the only exe file I have in the SteamLibrary\Common\GRID folder is Grid_dx12.exe which is not appropriate for my use as my system (Win7) only has DX11. Attempting to run Grid_dx12.exe produces a kernel error. Nothing in the system requirements says DX12 is required.

What gives? Seems to me that my installation is incomplete despite the successful verification of my files by Steam ...


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DX12 is listed in the min. and recom. system specs... Everywhere and of course also on the Steam Store page of the game.

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