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PS3 graphics

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I bought grid 2 days ago on standard ps4 

why does the graphics look like its PS3 graphics,

some tracks are so dark with very poor quality graphics,

yet when I watched the video on the psn store the graphics looked wonderful and clean and crisp,

then what really ****** me off was watching a YouTuber who got a free copy of grid and was one of the press at codemasters,

he was told that standard ps4 runs a poor 30 fps while the ps4 pro runs at 60 fps ,

i checked codemasters release and it says game runs 60fps then a codemaster team member says that unfortunately the standard ps4 only runs 30fps which accounts for very poor dull even PS3 looking graphics, 

i checked myself and ps4 pro looks completely different,

why is this codemasters,

before i bought grid on ps4 ,I was playing Grid auto sport on PS3 which is identical game ,the PS3 graphics even look better,

so what the hell is going on, have I been conned again,

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