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one suggestion - I think it would be great if it would be possible to do advanced filtering in leaderboards.

I would really appreciate if it would be possible to filter not just by assists on / off as on comminity events page, but also by type of shifting.

I'm trying to learn to drive manual H-shifter with clutch and I would like to know how far behind am I and for what times I should aim, because I think there would be quite considerable difference between sequential shifting with automatic clutch vs full manual on these cars with H-shifter.

Full manual with heel / toe braking when downshifting to keep the car stable is really rewarding, but also frustrating at the same time, because I'm way behind the best times on leaderboards.

I found this page https://dirtrally2.com/community-events with filtering for assists but the fastest times are comparable between on / off. What does this setting "on" mean there? Does it include manual with clutch or not? I just cannot imagine manual with H-shifter could be as fast as with sequential shifting with auto clutch.

It would be great to know how much should I try to push it.

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