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GRID - Patch Notes

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Hotfix 1 - 21/10/2019 

This patch consists of visual improvements and some fixes, including:


  • Multiplayer: Resolved issue of players starting races early, or not at the same time
  • Multiplayer: Resolved issue of player losing control in Quick Match – Time Attack events


  • Fix for HDR rendering, causing grading to work incorrectly


  • Resolved issues that were causing game crashes, including from the live results screen
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Version 1.1 - 29/10/2019

This patch consists of visual improvements and fixes, including:

– Resolved multiple general text issues
– Fixed issue of screen cutting to black after selecting a vehicle from the relevant screen
– Volume of in-race commentary is now reduced at the startline
– Fixed several public PC crashes
– PC: cursors will now disappear when using a controller or wheel
– Fixed the ‘softlock’ state during the auto-save screen if players switch profile during Free Play

– Quick Match: all players can now experience terminal damage in races
– Fixed issue in multiplayer for human players starting slower than AI drivers in Time Attack
– Private Match: fixed issue for informing a player that they are the new lobby host
– Fixed issue stopping more than 6 players being able to get into a Quick Match session
– Fixed issue where players can become desynced from each other
– Resolved issue of crashes when players quit out of Spectate after re-joining a session
– Fixed issues causing crashes when finishing a Multiplayer event

– Fixed issue of race not starting if rolling start is enabled and the player has entered into a Hot Lap Qualifying session beforehand
– Fixed the ‘out of world’ issue on the Okutama Sprint routes
– Flashback: cars will no longer veer left or right immediately after using a Flashback following a collision
– Fixed flickering during gameplay with ultra-settings and 4K display
– Fixed Flashback issue altering a player’s fastest lap time
– Fixed Accolades issue where you could only complete certain Milestones in a single race

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Version 1.2 - 04/12/2019 


Update 1.2 for GRID includes all Season 1 – Hot Hatch Showdown content:

-          Four new cars (MINI Hatch JCW, Lancia Delta HF Integrale Super Hatch, AUDI S1 quattro Concept, Renault Clio S1600), available to purchase in the garage and accessible through the new ‘Super Hatches’ tier in the Invitational class. All cars are available to GRID Ultimate Edition owners; the Renault Clio S1600 is also available as a loan car to Standard Edition players

-          Paris circuit, available to all players and for use in any mode, race type or weather condition

-          33 new Career events, available to Ultimate Edition players by using the new tab in the Career menu


The update also includes a wide range of technical tweaks, fixes and improvements, including:

-          Further stability updates, reducing instances of crashes and freezes across all platforms, including fixes for crashes when creating new saves or sitting on menu pages for long periods

-          Removed instances of FPS remaining capped at 30 when ‘Max FPS’ is set to ‘Off’ or higher than 30

-          Resolved display bug where UI would only show on the left-hand side of ultrawide monitors

-          Resolved instances where players receive non-loanable cars by default in multiple-playlist events

-          Fixed issue of users being switched to the incorrect vehicle

-          Corrected instances of players being incorrectly clocked as setting three-second or negative lap times

-          Fixed instances of players’ position being shown incorrectly on the UI after using a Flashback when crossing the start/finish line

-          Further improvements to Private Match lobby settings, reducing issues when event settings are changed

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      Season 2 Update - 12/02/2020


h    This update consists of visual improvements and fixes, including:


  • Season 2 content added (Track Day Supercars pack, 33 Career events)
  • Additional content for all players added (two bonus cars, Red Bull Ring circuit
  • Addition of winning liveries from the FA Racing Logitech G contest
  • All players can now multiply the length of Career races in the Options menu
  • Resolved instances of force feedback disappearing during races
  • Fixed issue of players being unable to change their race number in Profile
  • Players can now correctly choose and change liveries during Multiplayer events
  • Removed corner cutting issues on multiple circuits
  • Adjustments and balances made to Hard difficulty on multiplayer
  • Further stability improvement for both single-player and multiplayer modes
  • Camera fixes for Paris routes
  • Further Multiplayer optimisations, including aspects around entering live lobbies and messaging around host lobby changes


PLEASE NOTE: For PC players, once you download this update, the game will start full-screen at 1080p with default graphics settings,so users will have to reconfigure their graphics settings if custom settings were used before the update. 



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