Season 2 Update - 12/02/2020   h    This update consists of visual improvements and fixes, including:   Season 2 content added (Track Day Supercars pack, 33 Career events) Additional content for all players added (two bonus cars, Red Bull Ring circuit Addition of winning liveries from the FA Racing Logitech G contest All players can now multiply the length of Career races in the Options menu Resolved instances of force feedback disappearing during races Fixed issue of players being unable to change their race number in Profile Players can now correctly choose and change liveries during Multiplayer events Removed corner cutting issues on multiple circuits Adjustments and balances made to Hard difficulty on multiplayer Further stability improvement for both single-player and multiplayer modes Camera fixes for Paris routes Further Multiplayer optimisations, including aspects around entering live lobbies and messaging around host lobby changes   PLEASE NOTE: For PC players, once you download this update, the game will start full-screen at 1080p with default graphics settings,so users will have to reconfigure their graphics settings if custom settings were used before the update.     
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