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A few issues

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Ok so problems i have now im running a racing championship. So some of these maybe a bit different.


1 - I just did a test race with 11 players all went well. However the penalty system for "going off track" is kinda ********. i got penalised in race 1 numerous times despite the fact most of my time off track wasnt a mistake or trying to gain anything but more avoiding someone or getting bumped into it etc. So i got penalised for nothing basically...then on the last lap im holding onto 3rd and having a nice fight to which i make my first and only mistake of the entire race i turn in to early and i get insta disqualified. Is there anyway to turn this off?

2 - the track limits themselves are pretty bad. for example if i extend a short amount my laptime becomes red and its disallowed. Yet on Silverstone ive seen people abuse maggots n beckets to no end and not get penalised at all i even tried it all 4 wheels well of track gained 5-6 tenths and no penalty...yet the corner before that i ran slightly off penalty.

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Hey there, thanks for this feedback 🙂

Track limits and the penalties imposed for breaking them are always an ongoing development with racing games. At the moment, penalties are given for what the game believes to be instances where time has been gained by leaving the circuit, and doing this consistently will lead to a disqualification. 

I'm taking on feedback like this to see if it's consistent with many players and feed this back to the team, so thanks again for getting in touch 🙂

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