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Car model displaying incorrectly in the car selection screen.

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I was surprised to see yesterday's update did not fix this problem on PS4.  The car models regularly show the previous car and you have to go back and forth to get it to display correctly in the selection screen.

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The delayed cars in car selection has been there since day one,

i bought disc version for ps4 , and got game so I could chill out just using a pad instead of my wheel,

some cars on pad move by themselves weaving lol,

i then tested grid on my ps4 pro which is used for league racing with t300 and racing rig and no way is this a sim ,

i bought this game so I could chill use my pad on my standard ps4 in bedroom,

trouble is the graphics and 60fps ps4 pro and 30fps standard ps4 is huge,

and that's the problem with grid,  the game we were told would run at 60fps on all systems on both ps4,s ,

its laggy , the menu is delayed , some tracks in day time in sunshine like so dark you have to turn to brightness up ,

i would actually like to know who test these games on ps4 prior to release,,

i can put up with the huge amount of stressful bugs but what I can't tolerate is being sold a game and told its a new grid where in fact it's not,

and why we have 2 versions of the game depending on what ps4 your on,

yes beautiful rain but 4 stars out of 10 stars for grid,

and lastly what's wrong with the mirror reflection,it's so bad it's ps2 graphics,

seriously codemasters 🙈

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@senna94f1 pls stop spamming threads with your OT... This is the second one now... Just read this and open your own thread for issues: 


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I beg your pardon, I do post my own threads but this is a public forum ok and I was agreeing,

so keep your own personal opinions to yourself what you personally call spamming,,

i post in the bug section also ,and everyone's post is valid and helps ok ,

so stop your spamming of other customers ok.

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