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Dirt Rally Requests

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Okay, its great to say that there is an attempt at finally bringing the world forward into Rally simulations. I think that this game so far seems very promising, but from what I've found so far, I've really found myself wanting some things to be implemented into the game that would make for such a better experience.

  • The most important change that I think needs to be made to the game is the pace notes. Yes, it is great that you guys explained the pace note structure that you guys have going. I'm not saying that it is a bad one. However, I find myself thinking often that I disagree with the pace notes that were given. Sometimes the same number is given from turns of varying sharpness, which is understandable to an extinct, but it is annoying to me that the notes are often a problem. So to the point I think that we should be able to make our own pace notes with the voice overs that the game currently has. My idea is that we can use any of the current pace notes and do a fly-through of the stages before we start the event. I think this feature would be helpful to drivers, and adds a simulation immersion effect to the game. I have no idea how hard that it would be to do something like this, but so far in the industry nobody has had anything like this. I know you Codies guys can handle it though. 
  • I would like more of the Dirt flamboyance to go away as well. I've already seen a few posts on here complaining about the way that there are sudden jerks in the camera work in the game. Just subtle things like this make me feel like I am in a older dirt game rather than something that has potential to be better that Richard Burns Rally. I am happy to say that the menus look way more grown up, which is needed with a simulation audience. You guys have done some great advancements.


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