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One-colour liveries


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There are a variety of liveries to chose from in GRID(2019), unlike in the older GRIDs there's no standard way to "remove" a livery or just have your car painted a single colour.

I found only one livery so far, Heritage 15, which has a uniform surface material on all the colours (metallic/shiny). Most of the other liveries have stripes or patterns with matte surface or other surfaces (pearlescent(?)).

Has anybody played around with this?


I accidentally added the image twice, I have no idea how to get rid of the duplicate attachment, apologies to anyone scrolling through.





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59 minutes ago, Silvano 92 Juve said:

i think if you make all the stripes or patterns the same color on a livery, it should look like one color livery.

Not with most liveries, which is kinda his point. Especially obvious with small cars where the actual livery shapes are easily apparent, like the F1000.

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