IMPORTANT: Read and understand this entire opening post before replying, as providing the right amount of detail will help out the team immensely in tracking and resolving any bugs that arise, thanks.           ALSO: For VR-specific bug reporting, head here:                                         Before posting, please make sure to follow these guidelines. Without adequate information the team will have trouble identifying and fixing bugs, so please provide as much info as you can: Check if a bug has already been reported.
  If you reported a bug in a previous version of the game, check your game first to see if it's been fixed.     
  If a bug has been reported and you are experiencing the same issue, hit the ❤️ icon.     
  The more popular bug posts will have a better chance of catching the attention of the team.
  Also, this thread allows us to sort comments by how many votes they have, so make use of that feature 🙂      
  If a bug cannot be reproduced, it cannot be fixed.     
  When you experience a bug, please try to trigger said bug again if you can, and show us the steps you went through to trigger it.     
  Text steps are good, video even better.     
  One bug per post please, for our tracking purposes. That way every bug gets its own URL for us to investigate.                Please also provide the following: What platform you're playing on (for PC also state Steam or Oculus).     
  What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.).     
     Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (doesn't apply to Oculus).     
  Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc.