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League:- Hot Stage Purity (HSP)

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So some of you will have seen this thread regarding how I am looking into the whole driver assists. Also from this thread (to follow) you know my playstyle and aim in driving like that.

It’s to tame that beast, knowing this car in this setup is going to give you more fight, its going to best less tolerant, to provide a more involving drive and doing the best you can with like minded people knowing we are all going through the same thing, Hopefully as there is no way in the leagues to lock this option down.


Forced View ON

TC 2 or less

SC 2 or less

ABS 2 or less


Race schedual 5-10th May 2015, 1 track races

depends on time zone for players but race 1960 are tuesday/wed, 1970 thurs/fri, grp b sat/sun

Race 1 1960 front wheel drive cars, A deviation race, this is a one time only affair it is used to see the spread of league players. you could say its like an early qualification race.

Race 2 1960 Front wheel drive cars, its the same track and conditions, but you can restart as many times as you like and re enter the event. This is to see how close the times get (players must stick to setting above), tuning is permissible but would be ideal if it wasn't changed from the first race.

Race 3 1970 Rear Wheel Drive same a race 1

Race 4 1970 ……. same as race 2 iterate as you see new times come up if you want, using the re-enter

Race 5 Grp B 4wd same as race 1

Race 6 Grp B same as Race 2

can be tuned but for any newbies I wont be changing the base settings. for all races. If you want to reduce the assist settings, feel free but it would be nice if you posted on the league board here that it was base or tuned. Also if you want to make comments on the handling of cars or post the spread of the results next to your previous best with all assists on (done in custom event not in this league) then this is welcome.

So if you haven't tried racing on settings like this in driving games and you wanna test your skill in a more raw way then you need to reply to this thread. I am using this thread as a registration document for the league. I have no idea how the league works or what you will win, and to be honest that's not really the focus. its about feeding back how we felt the cars handling and getting times for codies to set the woeful rewards for these assists.

Also I think I need to be on your friends list or at very least on codemasters racenet. Whilst is game in main menu / leagues / you will need a racenet link to your forum account.

If you cant see the league search term "purity"

But after you do that please post on here to acknowledge the rules don’t just send me a friends request. This is a Moderated League limited to this forum.

Lastly of course dev or QA team members are welcome to join us using either real or pseudo accounts.

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There is a subforum to post leagues over here: http://forums.codemasters.com/categories/dirt-leagues
So please use it, so people looking for leagues can find it easily.

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