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Game crash just before fix car prompt in career.


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System Spec
Intel I5 3570k
GTX 980 
8GB ram
Samsung S34E790C (3440x1440) Display

Everything has been running great during races no lag or frame drops only problem I've had is computer will hang up every once and while when the prompt for repairing a vehicle should pop up between stages it's always on the second race or fourth race and doesn't happen every time but when it does happen it's when that prompt should pop up. This usually results in me having to reboot my computer.
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Thought I would this to anyone having the same problem before hitting start race on an event that would have the would you like to fix your car prompt pop up go to the repair car tab before it prompts you and do your repairs and then start race haven't had the issue since and have played about three hours of career now with no issues.
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