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Crashed and had to shutdown by task manager. Now does not recognise inputs. Stuck at "press start"


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Dirt Rally crashed when trying to return to main menu between stages. I had to close it via task manager. 
Now I can't get back into the game. It's stuck at "press start or enter" and no buttons on my wheel or keyboard can get it to proceed. I have tried restarting my PC but that did not help.
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System Spec
Windows 8, AMD Phenom X2 550, 4gb Corsair DDR2 Ram, ATI 5870 1gb DDR5, Logitech Mk710 wireless with dongle, Logitech G25, using HDMI to LCD TV,

Game crashed trying to save and exit between stages during championship. Needed exiting through task manager.

Completed Greece and Wales Championship events. 

Monte Carlo

How long was your current session?
3 hours. Had crashed doing the same thing previously on a different stage but was able to exit and restart. 

Mix of high, medium, low, some off, 1600x900 res.
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