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Pixel bug

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Hi i purchased F1 2019 and for the first couple of weeks it worked perfectly fine.

But last week it crashed and after I started back up it looked like this when starting with DirectX12 and with DirectX11 i get the well known black and white bug. 

I removed it and reinstalled it a couple of times, nothing worked.

Is there anything I can do?




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You are not alone. I have pretty much the same issue. Ever since 1.15 and playing for some time (roughly more than 30 to 45 minutes) I get a random pixel error. One time blue pixels appeared in the sky and flickered through the clouds, another time a white column appeared and flickered above other cars and today up from lap 36 in Spielberg I got clothing starting to flicker in green, red and yellow. This affected the crowd watching the race, track marshals, flags and my own gloves. Game keeps running when this occurs but obviously it is annoying as ****. In exchange DX11 crashed (didn't before) and DX12 runs without crashed (didn't before). 


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