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F1 Esports Fanatec F1 Wheel + Pedals Settings ?

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Hello everybody :classic_laugh:🏁! Do you own by chance a similar wheel like the one used in F1 Esports ? The Fanatec ClubSport Lenkrad F1 ? Or any other similar type ?

Could you please tell me how to change the wheel tuning to be similar to the one used in Esports to see how I would feel with that kind of setting because i am using default only . The wheel settings are :

SEn 108 ( default )

FF 100 ( default )

SHO 100 ( default )

ABS 100 ( default )

dr1 -5 ( default )

For 100 ( default )

SPr 100 ( default )

dPr 100 ( default )

FEI 50 ( default )


Also which are the best in game settings ? Maybe mine are bad and I want to know why . Could you help please ?


My in game settings

Vibration & Force Feedback On

Vibration and Force Feedback Strengh 80

On Track Effects 20

Rumble Strip Effects 25

Off Track Effects 35

Wheel Damper 80

Understeer Enhance On


How should in game calibration look like please ? Mine is like this

Steering Deadzone 0

Steering Linearity 0

Steering Saturation 100 ( most people use 0 , but I could not use because I felt like I am driving a tank , so therefore I used 100 . I also saw that it is linked to SEn but I dont know how to setup it . )

Throttle Deadzone 0

Throttle Linearity 0

Throttle Saturation 0

Brake Deadzone 0

Brake Linearity 0

Brake Saturation 0


I feel I have issues regarding the brake pedal . Its a Fanatec CSL Elite Pedal . Most of the times when I press the brake it works 50% to 75 %  . I feel like I am struggling to get it to 100% by pushing hard and I get tired quickly after a few laps . I can get sometimes perfect braking through corners and sometimes my wheels lock up too much and I lose a lot of time . I wish I could master every kind of setup but I do not know how . Is there any brake setup which could help me to not brake so hard anymore ? And how much should I setup it ?


I drive without assists . In Time Trial no matter how hard I try to find the perfect setup I always end up somewhere between top 5 and 10 % but no more . The same happens when I join F1 Esports Qualifying Events . I end up being either top 5% or top 10% and I am clueless about what should I do to become better and faster to be in top 1 % . Tried to master ERS but still did not help me much . I also changed the camera settings and I feel that i am going nowhere . I also watched plenty of youtube videos regarding how to become faster and etc . but still I am stuck at the same level . I am always 2 or 3 seconds behind 1st place and I do not know what to do . Last thing which could probably help me to get this lost time might be the wheel setup . I cant think of anything else . This is the last idea I have . Am I right ? Do you have any other ideas which could make me better or faster please to help me improve ?


P.S. I saw that some wheels also have the brF setup and I dont on my wheel . Could you please tell me why ? I also want to apologise for asking so much but I personally think it is better to question every issue regarding setups in 1 post rather than posting always because it is annoying .


Thank you very much in advance for your help , dedication & patience ! ^^😁😀:classic_biggrin:🏁

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Go to the Fanatec website and under the community tab is their forum.  Look along the right hand side they have recommended settings from Fanatec for every game imaginable.  The have both rim and in-game settings.  I use the ones for F1 2019 and GT Sport and they feel great.


The brF setting is for people with loadcell brake pedals, it’s used to adjust the amount of pressure necessary to read 100% braking.  So the ClubSport V3’s at 50 will take 45kg of pressure to reach the 100%.

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