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DiRT Rally, clutch support and RWD cars

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Trying to get my seq gearbox or H pattern gerbox work without using auto clutch.
Want the clutch in corners and when the rpm is to low so you can hit it.
The speed of the shifting is to slow too i think, in a normal rallycar ju just push the gear in hard but here it is just like your grantmother is driving and the shifting takes more then 2 seconds. Not good when ju getting in a corner and fast want to go down a gear to get the momentum in the corner, here ju have almost as no gear at all and you will left the road.

The psysics to the rwd cars sliding must be something done with, in real life you can go sideways at high speed and have good slides and so on, here the cars never slides and when you try you just spinns...

I now my english is not so good but i know rallying, have driven EVO IX, VW Golf, Toyota Corolla etc etc here in Sweden, last week i drove a big event with 200 cars started.
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I agree, The RWD cars are very hard to drive, they seem to go from one extreme of grip to another, there dosent seem to be a lot of on throttle control when you are in a slide, the backend just keeps coming around with no control. You should be able to basically steer a RWD car with the rear end.
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