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[XBOX] APS Racing league Mid Season Recrutment

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Welcome to APS racing, the league for online racing on Xbox One. Focusing on having fun is the most important factor of gaming, we give you that fun included with the socialising and being competitive whicle you do everything to win within the rules of racing.
APS is a league with drivers from all over the world, we have people from the UK, USA Netherlands, France... (to name a few) with all drivers having a common goal and that is to race clean and to be competitive.

This is some of the things we at APS are looking to offer and looking from drivers.

What we want from you:

  • You can be there almost every race (80% of races you have to attend)
  • You need to speak English, also to understand English.
  • You like to race clean & be competitive
  • You need to have a microphone (in races you join our skype calls. Its a must have!!!)

What we can offer you:

  • A league where you can race clean & competitive with drivers who want same as you!
  • APS racing our managment listen to our drivers
  • Three race division who like to talk about racing
  • A discord server where you can be social & where you will be notified about upcomming practice sessions as well as all league information (must have)
  • There is full stewarding for every division
  • Every Equal division race is live streamed on our Twitch channels


The advert below shows the division avaliblility is and its information


If anyone wishes to contact us for more information please contact us via our website with some information about yourself and which division your looking for, as you can see above our divsions and what avalibility is so contact us via our website and we look forward to seeing you all on the grid.


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