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Jämsä, Finland – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

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Hi. Today I tried flying Finland in 'DiRT Rally 2.0', to be honest, new/old location. I have wondered whether this flying Finland is really flying.

Yes, it is. Finally, a location with many big jumps. I am really happy with that even despite the fact it is the location copied from 'DiRT Rally (1)' again. Because of big jumps and also because it is one of my most favourite locations from DR1. Now we could say that we have got 'DiRT Rally 1' in 'DiRT Rally 2.0' when it comes to rally part of the game. Look:


If you are interested in, here you can also see, where these locations are set on the map. More or less...

But coming back to Finland, I am really impressed. I took some screenshots.




There is some problem with shadows.


Sunset here is really lovely. Just look.


Finally, at night we can see the moon. There are no clouds. Even single one. THIS is night/clear condition. Well done Codemasters. But there is just one little problem here. There are no stars. Really? It is a pity. Do you remember 'DiRT Rally 1'? This was one of my most favourite elements in this game. Unfortunately, here we haven't got it. What is more, it seems illogical and unrealistic to be honest. The sky is completely clear, there is no light and we cannot see stars? Only the moon? Hmm, maybe you should add stars due to next patch or what? I know that it is small detail but it annoys me a little bit. Just look back to DR1.

To sum up, cool coming back to Finland. So far, it is the last update with rally content. Maybe it is the last rally update in general? We will see next year.

Now we are moving on to Season 4, where there is something for those, who like rallycross. For those, who are not into Rallycross, it might be over of DLCs.

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Tried Finland quickly

+ :
Hell yeah, Finland !

- :
No rain and only one wet option. Needs a day / rainy mood
All moods look kinda washed out. Definitely also needs a bright, vivid sun.


The new D+ skin looks nice ! But I hope the new ones won't have white on them...

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3 hours ago, HoksuHoo said:

Seriously? No rain in Finland of all places? What is this?

@PJTierney please say that this is just an unfortunate oversight and that rain will be added asap

well that's disappointing, a bit like Wales not getting Dusk (or fog...)

I would totally pay for extra weather options and times of day in every rally location in the game. the DLC ones need it most, but the base locations could do with more times of day too. civil dawn, dawn, sunrise, morning, late afternoon, and twilight.... anyone?

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34 minutes ago, ianism said:

well that's disappointing, a bit like Wales not getting Dusk (or fog...)

I would totally pay for extra weather options and times of day in every rally location in the game. the DLC ones need it most, but the base locations could do with more times of day too. civil dawn, dawn, sunrise, morning, late afternoon, and twilight.... anyone?

@PJTierney I'm curious about this too. Liking Finland, but it's odd that you can't drive in the rain. One would think Greece, a far drier country, would be the one to not have rain, but even it got the wet treatment.

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I did the first attempt.
Strange feeling: from DR1 I remembered roads to be slightly narrower. Or maybe a car wasn't as stable as in DR2 (?). In DR1 I was constantly fighting with the car trying to keep it in the middle of the road in fast sections. In DR2 I'm more confident about what car is doing.

The first thing is technical: as in some other tracks (Germany, Sweden, Monte), there are areas which seems to be unbalanced gfx demand-wise comparing to the rest of the track. I configured the game's gfx details to have 90fps all the time. But those areas cannot keep those fps. Mostly those are stage start, so after literally a few meters fps jump to 90fps. But in Finland there are a few more areas, for example in the middle of Kakaristo, near hairpin area. The point is, those fps drop cause visible stutter.
To me it seems like too much crowd. I reported it some time ago for Germany. I noticed no difference in number of crowd objects between low and med.

There are also some wrong pace notes (calling 6 which looks like 5 or even 4, or calling 4 on crossroad which is obvious 3 or even 2). But since roads are really wide, it's not a problem, especially for someone who knows those roads from DR1. What I don't like are missing warnings about dangerous jumps. There are a few places (as expected) when jump might end between trees. Unfortunately co-pilot encourage to jump calling "stay in the middle, jump" to add after a second "60 into 4 left". Also "1 left" after fast section of another SS is being called too late. Barely slowed down and turned in Focus. And there are faster cars in the game.
Actually it's really ****** me off. Considering that peace-notes are recorded as continuous stream of commands allowing infinite variability, I would expect adequate details.

In overall nice addition. Finland is not my fav, but I appreciate it got to DR2.

**** it looks intense! In VR seems to be "easier". Nowadays I wouldn't be able to handle such speed on a monitor 😉


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As far for having done just a part of one stage: Finland is challenging.


Question. Normally I share/upload F12 screenshots via Steam, but whenever I click the image it doesn't save to anywhere(desktop for that matter) and I canot copy url/link/address etcetera anymore. What am I doing wrong? Has it changed?


So in Steam I went to my profile/name then screenshots on the right

Clicked on a screen I wanted to share:


So I cannot copy paste this to my destop anymore?

Eventually, yes, but I think it's strange:)











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My first impressions:

Huge difference between surface in DR1 and DR2. IMO Finland suffered from going to this soft, flexible roads, at least if somebody had comparison to DR1 printed so hard in mind as me. From the other hand, I admit this one is more realistic, when it comes to forest roads. I also have feeling that it's more wide now. Colors are washed for me, and I'm upset there is no rain. Thank god there is wet surface condition, but we want real rain too! Cmon' Codies, look on map what part of the world is it! 🙂 So my first impression is... mixed. I need to get used, and you have some work to do too 🙂dirtrally2_2019_11_05_09_44_08_630.thumb.jpg.7bf560068e31d5e17289d0a30a840f08.jpgdirtrally2_2019_11_05_09_43_59_176.thumb.jpg.4d5b42e4827eee1d7f52c9edb70367df.jpgdirtrally2_2019_11_05_09_16_15_915.thumb.jpg.b4bab97440d85b610c94d47d0c49c63c.jpgdirtrally2_2019_11_05_09_22_42_644.thumb.jpg.746dbb7c233e467d26514e42efbe4764.jpg

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