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[PS4] Starting grid out of sequence

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So I did a one-shot qualifying at Austin and qualified 8th. Then as I start the race, I notice a Williams in ghost mode between row 2 and 3 on the right side parked up.  As the lights go out, it goes solid once in a gap and not overlaying any cars. 

So I checked the race director to see where it actually qualified and noticed it was 19th! Never had this happen before, any ideas?

*note on the race director screen it shows Russell in 9th as that was a few seconds later after I paused at turn 1.


PS4, v1.15, one-shot qualifying into full length race on single player mode.




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Williams have finally found a loop hole in the regulations.. I got Russell now doing well since the last patch, first time Williams have self improved without my assistance in career, getting the odd point, but nothing like this!! :classic_blink:

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