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Wrong Tyres Given From Set Strategy

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Hi I've uncovered an annoying bug regarding tyre changes in set pitstops!

In career mode PS4 I think it was Canada (wasn't 100% attentive as I figured it was a one off and could maybe have not noticed it in the strategy, even though I always manage and have had only soft and mediums in races of 25% distance, always late pit on soft starts and good with tyres). I pitted from the quali softs a lap later than the original pit stop set up but then noticed I was given hards! Was a head scratcher as I'd managed softs almost half the race so mediums would be an easy finish as it normally is with my driving style.

But the next time I did take notice, it was Silverstone, Great Britain. The strategy of a 25% race was 1 pit at lap 8 which put the strategy at .2 seconds slower on prediction but would mean an easy push for fastest lap at the end even with the mediums on, on 25% its almost always a sure thing.. But alas on lap 8 I pit which is past half way through the race but again I come out with hards on.. And I know for sure the strategy was soft start to medium finish. So there is an issue of wrong tyres but its not always, because though I'm not sure if it was Canada or maybe France, Austria was fine with the set strategy. Which is just before the British GP. Can you look into this please? And thanks in advance.

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Also worth noting I've never had this issue before, so possibly something in the latest patch that is causing it?

I've done at least 12 seasons in career in total, I'm in the 2nd season of a new career but started it before the latest patch. The last 3 or 4 races were since the patch. Before that I had a week break from F1 gaming. So all other races would have been pre latest patch. PS4 Pro

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i too have had this happen to me, over many different versions of the game. Also have seen on weekly GP races cars that say they are on mediums actually be on softs. Among of a ton of other issues. I’ve had my car setup changed from a custom to default setup on me. Started a race & thought I was drunk, default set had no downforce at all compared to my custom setup. I have leaned to double check everything before I start. Just have to be fast. 

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