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Enhanced single player mode

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Hi everyone!

I've always found the single player mode quite bland and uninteresting.

That's a real shame because car list and locations allow the creation of nice challenges.

These are my proposals for a better single player mode.

  • the EVENTS section should contain only daily/weekly/monthly challenges, not the "career mode"
  • FREEPLAY will contain the same sections, the HISTORIC should change name (idk, something like "ROAD TO GLORY")
  • HISTORIC will contain challenges and events divided in '60s (easy) '70s (medium) '80s (pro) '90s (elite) Modern (master)
  • each section will include 5/6 single challenges (with locked locations and cars) + a final championship (with locked locations but free car choice)
  • to unlock the next session you'll have to gain at least two podium
  • each challenge will be dedicated to a particular rally milestone or scenario, for example:


                    '60s > Mini cooper wins in Montecarlo against everyone, Col De Turini and Pra D'alart ascent and descent at day and night with snow

                    '60s > Lancia Fulvia vs. Renault Alpine in Spain and Greece

                    '60s > Citroen DS21 vs. everyone in Argentina, 4 stages without service area (like the Morocco rally in 1969 where the DS won despite everything)

                    '60s > the final championship will have only european location because... the rally was mostly an european thing!


                    '70s > Datsun 240z challenge in Australia and New Zealand (replicating the Safari victories)

                    '70s > Lancia Stratos vs. Fiat Abarth 131 in Spain and New England (the 131 was supported by Fiat itself, the Stratos was helded mostly by privateers and yet 't was competitive)

                    '70s > Ford Escort Mk2 in Wales (a classic)

                    '70s > Opel Kadett in Greece


                    '80s > Ford Escort mk2 vs. Opel Ascona 400 in Poland and Argentina (before the Audi 4wd revolution, these two cars where the apex of rally)

                    '80s > Ford RS200 vs Group B in Sweden

                    '80s > Group B RWD in Finland and Spain

                    '80s > Group B and Group B RWD final showdown in Wales

                    '80s > BMW M3 vs Ford Sierra Cosworth in Germany and Wales

                    '80s > VW Golf vs. Peugeot in Montecarlo and New Zealand


                    '90s > Subaru Impreza vs. everyone in Australia, New England and Wales

                    '90s > Ford Escort Cosworth in Montecarlo

                    '90s > Peugeot 306 Maxi vs. Group A in Germany

                    '90s > Seat Ibiza Kitcar vs. Peugeot 306 Maxi in Argentina, Spain and Wales

rossi-wales-2002-730x410.jpg.68e5f5cacbf1072bb067c7f5a4020bc2.jpg (btw, i love this livery)

                    Modern > Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 vs. Subaru Impreza 2001 and Ford Focus 2001 in Australia, New Zealand, New England and Wales

                    Modern > Ford Focus 2001 vs. Peugeot 206 in Sweden, Poland and Greece

                    Modern > NR4/R4 autumn tour in New England wet and Poland wet

                    Modern > R2 challenge in Spain, New England and New Zealand

                    Modern > RGT asphalt trophy

In these events, even those who haven't the DLCs can play almost all (for example, a group B RWD in Sweden challenge will not be unlocked for those who haven't at least 1 dlc, but a '60 car in Montecarlo will be unlocked even if you don't have the Montecarlo dlc)


well, you know, something like that.

There are a lot of possibilities!

What do you think? is it too much?  too boring? Useless?





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