I think we need a slider for AI in the wet as they are way too OP. They get perfect traction out of corners and the speeds are untouchable. I found a difficulty that is Slightly easy for me in the dry (90), I beat my teammate George Russell by about 2/3 tenths in the dry, we also have the best car so I am normally fighting for poles and race wins. We get to a wet track and I am 1 second slower than car number 19 and I am down in 20th. I have played the last 5 or 6 F1 games and never had this issue in the wet, if I bump the difficulty down to compete in the wet, I am then OP in the dry and beat the AI by nearly 3 seconds a lap. I have also worked out that the AI pace in the wet is bugged between 85 difficulty and 100 difficulty which might be why some of the better players (who play at above 100 difficulty do not see any issues) A.I set the same "wet" times on 85 difficulty as they do on 99 difficulty, it corrects itself under 84 and above 100 but if you play within that window, the AI is OP.   Anyone else thinks they need to tweak AI in the wet more?
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