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1st Tier Car Balance/Data


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This is simply an informational post based on my experience driving the cars and track time data I collected.  I've attached an excel spreadsheet with the times I've collected so far.  I've finally completed the 1st tier of cars, but the start of the data is included for the others.  I'll do a quick review of the TC-2, Muscle, Tuner Modified, and GT Group 2 cars.  I will say I was pleasantly surprised for the most part to find these classes relatively balanced, with minor and one big exception. Also, for a reference, I use a wheel.  Controller users might find how cars handle different.  All cars were driven stock with these times in the data, with the only exception being the older muscle cars having the suspension and roll bars stiffened slightly to better match the Camaro SSX and Challenger.

TC-2 Class - Probably the most balanced of the classes I've raced.  The data was a bit all over the place, surprising even me to have each car top a different track.  It was really hard to fully separate the cars.  They all handle similarly with maybe subtle difference.  The Ford Focus felt the most twitchy and seemed to require steadier inputs to get the most out of it.  The Audi is probably the best car, easily the most consistent and easiest to handle.  

Muscle Class - We should rename this the Challenger class.  The Challenger is simply faster no matter the track, with much better acceleration than the other cars and 15 mph better on the top end.  It's not the best handling car, as it can understeer on entry a bit more, but it's not much difference.  Nor is it the worst handling.  It's a shame one car is so dominant, because the other cars are much closer in performance.  The Firebird, AAR Cuda, and the Camaro SSX are pretty similarly matched.  The Camaro SSX beats the former two in higher speed tracks with better acceleration on the high end, but the Firebird and Cuda seem to accelerate better out of slow corners.  It's pretty tight though.  The Mustang is a slight step down in handling and accleration from the the former three, but not too far.  The Camaro Z28 is the dog of this class, with the worst accleration, worst cornering at any speed, and the lowest top end.

Tuner Modified - The top 2 cars for me in this class are the Datsun 240Z and Honda S2000, with each preferring different style tracks.  The Honda really likes tracks with corners that flow better, while the Datsun 240Z seems to prefer the harder braking, accelerate out cornering.  The Skyline handles very similarly to the Datsun and I've seen some players match and beat me in the Datsun with it.  For me, it was just a touch off the pace compared to the former.  The Nissan 300ZX is interesting.  It has the best top end by 5 mph.  It has a really floaty type of handling that seem to make it difficult to get the most out of it.  I was generally just behind the pace no matter the track with this car.  I think a bit of tuning may be required to really get the most out of it.  The Subaru BRZ is the Camaro Z28 of this class.  Lowest top end, worst accleration, and the worst handling.  The car feels great to drive, but is simply slower in every aspect than the others.

GT Group 2 - This class is almost as balanced as the TC-2 class.  For me though, the Mustang GT4 was simply better than the other cars, with slightly better handling and acceleration.  It was also the only car that seemed to like throttle steering in class.  The 350Z GT4 and Aston Martin GT4 came close, but not quite.  The 350Z GT4 was the easiest of the cars to drive.  The Aston Martin really liked the inputs to be smooth as possible, and wasn't as amenable to the rear sliding out as the mustang and 350Z were.  For me the worst car was the Porsche 997 GT4.  I will not say it's actually that bad.  I simply can't seem to get a handle on driving Porsche's regardless of the game.  It's incredibly tricky with the wheel and I was constantly spinning out.  I see it performing well on the leaderboards, so I'm going to chalk this one up to the driver.  The Camaro GT4 was the worst car for me of the bunch of the cars I could manage to drive.  Just off the pace, I wasn't able to take corners as quickly as I could with the other cars. 

Grid Car Data2.xlsx

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