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F1 2019 - Logitech MOMO Racing force feedback wheel/pedals


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Hi John, Currently this wheel is not compatible with F1 2019, due to the archiac nature of the wheel (being initially released in 2005). Please see here for list of approved wheels and Peripherals. 

Due to a lack of buttons on the wheel, a F1 2019 approved preset is not available. However, you could create your own custom settings on the wheel which may run with F1 2019.

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9 hours ago, FiskMacTaggert said:

the game does not recognise that ive plugged in my momo at all now i have macro keys so the amount of buttons is not an issue how do i get the game to see my racing wheel

Do you have LGS 5.10 installed?

Think you should be able to edit an exisiting action map (e.g. A.N.Other Logitech wheel) quick Google and I found this;


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