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This thread exists so that you guys don't flood the entire DR2 forum with news about non-Codemasters WRC games; keep all talk of those titles in here please 🙂 

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6 hours ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

Strange that you post this 😄

It was more to bump the thread since I know somebody else would post it and I'd have to merge threads later.


Besides, I have an interest in all racing games, doesn't matter if they have a CM logo on the front or not 🙂 

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33 minutes ago, gfRally said:

Funny to see John Armstrong’s face in the announcement video or WRC9.   Even knowing that John competed in the esports, You would think they would not use the clip since he is now associated with DiRT Rally 2.0.    

Or alternatively, that's exactly why it's used. 🤔


Plus he's a current JWRC driver so there's the whole real driver connection.

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this should be good. WRC 7 was a big step up over 6, and 8 made some improvements over 7 too. 

just hope they work on the physics more. WRC 8 is great with a gamepad but i find the handling too floaty with a wheel, and the cars have this weird tendency for the back end to just completely step out when going over bumps. and not been able to tune that tendency out no matter what tunings i've tried. 

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the exciting new edition, which will contain iconic rallies in Kenya, New Zealand and Japan from the 2020 WRC calendar, will be launched initially on current platforms. It will become available for new consoles at a later date to be confirmed.

WRC 9 brings added realism for gamers and will thrust the WRC into the forefront of new technology. It is the first rally game to be announced for the new-generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation5 platforms.

WRC Promoter, which owns the commercial rights to the FIA World Rally Championship, has also confirmed WRC 10 and WRC 11 after extending its licensing agreement with game publisher Nacon and development studio KT Racing until 2022.

WRC Promoter managing director Oliver Ciesla said the new game would establish WRC at the cutting edge of gaming expertise.

“The introduction of new-generation gaming consoles is a wonderfully exciting step and we’re delighted WRC 9 will be the first rally game to become available to gamers on such platforms,” he said.

“WRC 9 now also features the tough gravel special stages at Kenya’s iconic Safari Rally, beautiful flowing roads on New Zealand’s North Island and challenging asphalt tests from Japan.”

Gamers can select from more than 400km of roads from all 13 scheduled rounds of the 2020 season, incorporating all the WRC’s legendary stages.

They include classic locations such as Rallye Monte-Carlo’s famous Col de Turini, the stunning rocky landscape of El Condor in Argentina and the mighty jumps of Ruuhimäki in Finland.

Breathtaking World Rally Cars from all three WRC manufacturer teams – Hyundai Motorsport, M-Sport Ford and Toyota Gazoo Racing are included in 2020 liveries.

Players can don the race boots of more than 50 drivers, headlined by reigning world champion Ott Tänak, six-time title-winner Sébastien Ogier, Thierry Neuville and early season stars Elfyn Evans and Kalle Rovanperä.

A wide selection of competitors from the WRC 2 and WRC 3 support categories, including Mads Østberg, Nikolay Gryazin, Ole Christian Veiby and Adrien Fourmaux are available, along with Junior WRC contenders.

Fans of retro WRC can turn back the clock with more than 15 classic bonus cars that have left an indelible mark on the sport’s history.

The career mode in WRC 8 was lauded as one of the best in any motorsport game. It has been improved further in WRC 9, with enhanced gameplay mechanics, new opportunities to upgrade gamers’ teams, a wider variety of events and a stronger link to what real-world WRC teams are doing throughout the season.

Developers have focused on areas such as suspension, braking and weight transfer to take authenticity to new levels by faithfully reproducing a car’s responsiveness on all surfaces and conditions in the real WRC. A special focus on sound provides deeper immersion.

“WRC 9 will capture the adventure and challenges posed by the real-life FIA World Rally Championship in an ever-more realistic fashion, thanks to significant upgrades by Nacon and KT Racing,” added Ciesla.

“It also paves the way for further ground-breaking development in WRC 10 and WRC 11 over the next two seasons as we continue to provide the opportunity for gamers to step into their heroes’ shoes.”

WRC 9 will initially be available on Xbox One, PlayStation4 and PC from the Epic Games Store, and at a later date on Nintendo Switch. More details about release timing for Xbox Series X and PlayStation5, will be announced in the coming months.



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2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

A press release like this isn't the place you talk about FPS. 

I don't think so. It's in every trailer if you have it (it's very important). They probably don't.

You can't sell content if you have "broken" game. I skipped content side.

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1 hour ago, somethingthing said:

Why is a fps counter so important that you would add it in a release trailer?

Because it means you care about gameplay. Kylotonn does 30 FPS nobody cares about games 😄 For instance, COD is always 60 FPS, games from CM too. So if they don't add it in a trailer/info they don't care probably. Good luck with that approach. I will always buy good CM games but never some parody. 60 FPS is not much for some situations and new consoles should have 100+ which is OK for me. Finally PC standard on consoles.

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@Johnnnn first of all, you have to understand that not all players are as into fps as you are.

second, a game like DR2 is targeted more at serious players who are more likely to care about FPS, but the WRC games are just going for people who like the WRC and video games, and thus are less likely to think about stuff like FPS. sure, there are serious players who play WRC, but they are not the devs' primary target demographic.

finally, have you ever seen an announcement where they talk about fps? I see why it maaayybe makes sense for a shooter, but otherwise... nah. they talk about the general features and that's it.

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2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

The announce doesn't even have any game footage, plenty of time for that to show up before launch 😉 

That's true but you are pretty near the development so you can see everything must be prepared yet. You can't scale engine easily for current gen if it's not prepared. It would be surprise for me and that's the reason why they should add it if it works.

47 minutes ago, ianism said:

@Johnnnn first of all, you have to understand that not all players are as into fps as you are.

second, a game like DR2 is targeted more at serious players who are more likely to care about FPS, but the WRC games are just going for people who like the WRC and video games, and thus are less likely to think about stuff like FPS. sure, there are serious players who play WRC, but they are not the devs' primary target demographic.

finally, have you ever seen an announcement where they talk about fps? I see why it maaayybe makes sense for a shooter, but otherwise... nah. they talk about the general features and that's it.

OK, hard to imagine but it's possible 😄 I always cared about FPS and had 120+ Hz display more than 10 years ago. It's a bit sad to wait so long for quality gameplay. On consoles I always played almost 60 FPS only games only.

OK, if Kylotonn does for casuals, it's fine then and it's good I skipped the content because I won't play it. Maybe investor will ask later where are his money 😄

Many remakes has it because it's finally possible. Some series are 60 FPS only so it's not necessary to repeat it. But I checked some trailers and it's not common. I bought Bayonetta & Vanquish pack mostly because of 60 FPS info in the trailer.

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WRC 8 on PS4 Pro


- Steering with a gamepad unfortunately doesn't react as fast (I mean the steering sensitivity or steering speed), but still playable, comparable to DR1. You can adjust the linearity (I mean the initial range) and this is called "sensitivity" in WRC 8. However, it remains less accurate than in DR, because the input that was deducted at the beginning of the game is made up again too quickly. Dead zone (steering play) and saturation is also adjustable. Keys can be assigned as desired, even clutch is possible.

- The frame rate (fps on PS4 Pro) is clearly lower, but the graphics still don't look better, just a bit sharper.
- Very few cars, instead only teams (livery) to choose from, boring.
- Sound can't be set separately for surface noises, so gravel noise and asphalt squeaks are hardly audible. (With interior view this sounds better on gravel).
- Engine sounds are too similar and not as characteristic as in DR.
- Sweden is just a wide and smooth track, like white colored gravel, rides like on slippery asphalt
- WRC Junior (R2 class in DR) offers only the Ford, unfortunately the car setup is completely denied during the career. (And yes, the standard setup is sh.)
- Difficulty levels of the career: On "easy" you always get first, on "medium" you never get first.
- Bug in the setup: during your career you are offered the asphalt values for gravel (also for Sweden).
- Damage to the car can be set in several levels, but even at the highest level no enormous damage. Strong shocks make a difference, but everything below is ignored. Optical representation is weak.

+ a lot of nice tracks. (except Sweden)
+ Co-driver announcements are decent, maybe even better than in DR2, but sound a little more mechanical
+ Vibration feedback of the DS4 is good (but better down to 70, can only be adjusted in total)
+ tyre choice and dynamic weather. When it's raining, you can also get everything off with a chase camera, so that no big advantage as in DR2
+ smaller puddles in the rain are also dangerous
+ Parts and tyres wear out much faster
+ career is definitely interesting. You don't fill up the garage, you have little income and as a manager you have to make sure that you don't slide too far into the red, free up jobs, improve your team and vehicle. You can also click through quickly if you're not up for it. For a change there are special events.

Suspension rocks the car quite a lot compared to DR2 and remains strange even after adjustments.
Car setups have incomprehensible explanations. Setting the differential to the right (to 100) locks, makes it more closed, firmer, the wheels turn more evenly, that's how I always learned to do it. (For acceleration, you can test it by putting one side on asphalt and the other on grass and then putting full throttle. But the cars here (100) will all (also front and all-wheel) accelerate more restlessly, which can lead to skidding. I explain myself by the changing pressure of the tires to the ground on bumpy roads or the shifting of weight when steering)
Other things are abundantly adjustable, but the explanations are often puzzling. Some gears are unfortunately divided into too coarse gradations (5km/h).
Drifting is not as smooth as in DR1u2. On asphalt, the physics are probably better than in DR2. (Reality: If you try to challenge 110% of your tire, you will only get 90% of the maximum possible value on asphalt. However, the asphalt physics in DR2 is more likely to give 110%, especially if the tires are overloaded by acceleration. (But this is only possible on gravel.) On asphalt, you must not steer too much, not accelerate too much and not brake too hard. It is also seldom advantageous to want to correct a missed braking point with lateral slipping. (Try all this in Assetto Corsa on the Nordschleife))
Monaco offers more grip. But it is not right that hard tyres are also recommended. They do freeze!?

Conclusion: If BigBen would balance the steering with gamepad a bit and increase the supply of cars a lot, this game would be a decent competitor. Physics are quite convincing and on tarmac it might beat Dirt Rally 2.0 If then the FPS would be still.

*** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***


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first of all sorry for my english :) i'm not a hater of WRC 8 (its a fun semi-arcade game to play on gamepad), but i just can believe how human "taste" can differ. I just saw comments where people were saying that WRC 8 is more challenging than DR 2, has better gravel physics so i downloaded WRC 8 to see it myself.

I know that people are diffrent but how blind you must be to write such a nonsense. I played with WRC cars on G29 and i must say that this game has no gravel physics, every gravel road feels the same, they are only changing colours from country to country, in DR 2 gravel is diffrent, its deep, it varies (ex. Australian wet mud or Greece slippery gravel with little rocks), DR 2 gives  you the feeling that your car is struggling with surface, u feel the tires goes into gravel, in WRC gravel is like more slippery tarmac with dust effect and its just one type of gravel for whole game (play few stages one after one in Argnetina, Australia, Finland, Portugal - gravel has diffrent colours but its just the same texture with no deep).

Second thing is physics, theres no weight lifting while braking, no feedback, its just hard to tell why your car is doing what its doing on the road, WRC cars are floty, you just dont feel them on the road, bumps are just camera shaking visual effect, u cant feel that your tires loosing grip.

And probably my biggest concern - grip. I just cant feel the grip level in this game, there no feedback when u losing it, theres no feedback when u have it, like i said, its just always same grip level so driving feel very one dimensial (probably becasue of this that gravel is just a dusty tarmac thing in this game, u cant feel that ur tires goes into it, struggling, fighting with surface).

Dont get me wrong, im not saying that WRC is a sh.it game, its fun and all, but comparing it do DR 2 is just so off, DR 2 i still miles ahead in thermes of pure driving (talking about wheel driving). But now i know why people are telling that WRC 8 is more challenging - if u cant feel the grip, the car, when theres no weight lifting, where cars are floaty, where little rock or grass can set u into air it can be very hard to drive smoothly in this game :)


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There was a period when I was really into WRC8, but after some time I reached a similar conclusion, it's a level below DR2 all things considered. Two things WRC8 does better than DR2 is damage and tarmac handling, the rest is sub-par.

Still it's a good game though.

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I hope the game feels good on high refresh monitors. WRC8 never quite felt right.

Other than that, I really liked WRC8. Has rumble trigger support too which Dirt still doesn't. Finland and Sweden better be the 'old' locations to get some love, man Finland has been bad in WRC games for so long now. Looking forward to the new locations.

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Being owner of the two sims I want to say that; my ever first race sim was WRC 8 and then it made me to meet with DR2.

At this point I totaly regret to buy WRC 8 except it made me to know DR2, however dr2 has bugs and need an improved career system WRC 8 has a looot way to go. Being simple, look at the menu and the gui or setup guides. WRC 8 is like a college project in that aspect. Here are a few issues about WRC 8 that comes into mind at the first place.

1. GUI is so sketchy. No style, no art, it is just high kontrast windows form with black background green highlight.
2. Setup slots are insufficient. Setups are like prepared to just give it a sim appearance. Copy paste details. Just numbers around witout units, no visual representations.
3. Sounds are too repetitive gives and gives headache.
4. Cars are like rocketship; you touch gas pedal and it gives all. No torque gaining no turbo lag.
5. Same class cars are binary same i guess. They don't have noticable personality about sound or accelerating etc.
6. Game graphics does not allow to use all your graphic card, if you have a high-end gpu. And they are too destaurated no HDR suppoort. Models are just too sharp and lame.
7. Human models are from Tomb Raider 1996.
8. No telemetry supplied for custom phone dash.
9. Cars feels like no weight at all and floating around.


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