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F1 2019 isn't starting... at all

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Hi, so I'm dealing with a weird situation.
During the last sale I bought F1 2019 on Steam. Well, I managed to play for 4 hours after the install, however, when I decided to play it the day after, I couldn't. It shows only "Preparing for launch" for a short while, the "Running" is visible for a few seconds and shortly later all of it is gone. It's not even showing any errors, nor crashes (nothing in Event Viewer).
What I tried so far:
I did verify integrity, no failures over there.
I did attempt to launch it in safemode, nothing happened either.
Tested in both Directx 11 and 12.
I had similar failure to start with F1 2018, then I noticed CPU quickly climbing to around 40% while trying to initialize, however the PC seems not to attempt to read anything from the disc it's installed in. Well, that game's isn't starting either.
I did test multiple Nvidia Geforce drivers (I had 430.86 and I recently downloaded the latest version of 441.12).
I did read, that there could have been a missing "F1 2019" folder in "My Games", so I checked that, but it is where it's supposed to be.
I did originally install the game in another HDD, so I moved it (through Steam settings) to another one, with the system in it. Nothing changed.

Specs of my PC:
Windows 10
Intel I5-6400 CPU
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
I use Logitech G29 with a G27 shifter (the only thing that's working properly on it is the small power light)

Basically, I'm running out of ideas.

UPDATE: For some reason it started itself today from the desktop .exe file. I think, that there might be an app overriding settings and blocking the game from starting. The only app, that wasn't on this time was the Logitech Gaming Software version 9.02.65. Could it be the reason?
UPDATE 2: Yeah, scratch that, it's not starting again.

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