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Another Level F1 - Season 5 sign ups !

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Another Level F1 are currently in its 4th season, preparing for our 5th and we always do our best to get things right for the drivers which can be explained in more detail on our forum. Season 5 officially begins in the new year, but you're welcome to try out in the remaining season 4 races before Christmas to get a feel for how things work, and if this league is for you you're welcome to register! We race on the XBOX. 


We run Full Qualifying sessions with 50% race distances, and the only assists we ban are braking assist and all pit assists. Our race days are Monday[Tier4], Tuesday[Tier 3] and Wednesday[Tiers 2 and 1] starting at 8pm GMT. all races are streamed live on Twitch, and archived on YouTube.  Headset required, but not mandatory due to needing to hear instructions. Ability to understand English essential. All drivers will be subjected to a pace test before being placed in a tier so if you're looking for another league to join, then you're welcome to apply. Please respond here if you're interested, or visit the forum and message via XBOX gamertags in the information and we look forward to potentially racing with you ! 


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